Old Maid Flat

ROADTRIPPING with winch…Video postcard #29: …no destinations no trails…end up at Old Maid Flat…ground soft with moss and ash from the still active Mt. Hood…while the east was exploding with the American Revolution…Oregon was exploding with the old maid eruptions of Mt. Hood…here in the lowlands where this ashy terrain creates a flora landscape that somewhat reminds me of higher elevations where the trees thin near the timber line…here the reason in the ground, big trees fall in the soft ground so the timber is smaller and spread out…the source of the Sandy River spills out of the glacier and the water turns gray as it churns through this ash…sometimes here the river not more than a creek but today roaring with rainfall…the goal is to get across the rapids, because it’s there and likely nobody is on the other side…I find a fallen tree and make my way across…but on the way back I ford the river, soaking wet from the rain anyway…by the time I return to my car I’m soaked to the bone..muddy bloody hungry and happy..headed home for warm homemade soup and a hot shower where my woman is relaxing…hot woman with a warm heart…what more could a cold-nosed dog ask for after a day in the woods and water.



Blackberry Beach

Cool water…warm sunshine…sounds of trains on both sides of the river…makes for a kick scene…gets you thinking about stupid junk…the important stuff…like trains and turds…and how we use the word take…when you take a train, you don’t really take it. It takes you. And you don’t really take a dump neither. When you’re a dog and you turd at Blackberry Beach your owner might have to put it in a sack and take it somewhere, put I just bury it and I don’t even want to talk about that. That’s not what I’m talking about. You don’t take a dump, you leave it in the toilet. But when you take a swim, you do get to take it. It sinks your skin and soaks into your subconscious, you take it home and it makes everything just a bit better, makes a cheese hamburger a little more savory, a jelly donut a little more sweet… “Do Anything You Want to Do” suddenly sounds believable, the dents in your Datsun just add character …. the sunset looks a little brighter, coming home a little warmer…warm sun and cool water can be taken home..some people need to take a pill, I need to take a swim.